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Welcome to the Horizon,

a game of urban fantasy, occult mystery, and — of course — personal and cosmic horror. Set primarily on the island of Broken Point, Washington, this is a game about the conflict between wonder and logic, the corruption of innocence and purity, and the resurrection of dead dreams. At its core, Horizon is a game about powerful dreamers — mages — reimagining and transforming the dark world in which they find themselves raging against the dying of the light.

An exile among exiles. Lost among the lost. The stranger in every crowd. Hail, fellow traveler, and welcome to the Horizon of a brave new world.

There are many strange and wondrous creatures on the isle of Broken Point and those forgotten places that surround it, concealed from mundane eyes by the Mists — capricious fae, the wild lupines, covetous dragons, and mad wizards. Vast worlds of possibility haunt every growing shadow. Characters in this game should be aged 18-24 and strongly connected to Washington, especially Broken Point.